Meet our Participants

Live the experience of sharing workspace and living area with entrepreneurs, previously selected, with the desire to learn, collaborate and construct new projects.

Coworking Berlín

Live and learn with investors.

For the first time you have the opportunity to live together with investors. Present them your project, ask them for advice and why not, for contacts to obtain financing.

Lectures, events, community.

Weekly lectures and events of our advisors about business models, how to present to investors, growth hacking, etc.



Javier Megias
Founder & CEO StartupXplore

Juan Merodio
Founder Marketing Surfers

Valenti Aconcia
Crowfunding expert

Pilo Martin
Founder & CEO ConAcento

Luis Lopez
Socio LeyNet

Didac Lee
Head in the clouds & feet on the ground

Formerly Social media at @neoOgilvy_es MBA & Master Digital Business. Managing Director of Social&Sons @socialandsons. Teacher at ESIC.

Wilhelm Lappe
Services and teaching for entrepreneurs: @emprelab.

Christian Rodriguez
Founder byHours

Luis Ivan Cuende
Founder Stampery

Marta Diaz Barrea
CEO Talentoscopio

Marc Fernandez
CEO Innio

David Zaragoza
Socio fundador Avanzis

Cesar Valiente
Software Engineer @Wunderlist (@Microsoft)

Fatima Martinez.
Directora Ejecutiva en Social Media Fidelity Management, Profesora de Google A.

Gabriel del Molino.
Consultor 2.0 Formador, empresario, Co-organizador de la red140, primer evento nocturno sobre twitter en España. Organizador del Twitterllón y eventos S.M.

Clara Ávila Cantos
Ingeniera técnica de Telecomunicaciones por la Universidad Carlos III

José Luis Casal
Emprendedor, ‘apasionadamente inquieto’

Juan Daniel Minguez
Country Manager Spain & Latin America @PerformicsAKM3

Chema Larrea
Founder & CEO Qhaceshoy

Jesús Martin
Emprendedor ,Inversor, Mentor de startups. @exputnik_aceler

Matthias Reinholz
Co-Founder & CEO of Getaway, Startup Innovation & Online Marketing enthusiast, M.A. in Digital Pioneering / Digital Business Model Innovation.



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